Vapotherm Attends: AARC Congress 2017 (American Association for Respiratory Care)2018-07-17T07:43:25-04:00

Vapotherm Attends:

American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Congress 2017

Vapotherm’s Respiratory Therapists recap sessions they attended at AARC 2017, including presentations by Mary Martinasek PhD RRT-NPS AE-C MPH, Thomas Lamphere BS RRT-ACCS RPFT FAARC, Alexandre T Rotta MD, and Ira Cheifetz MD FAARC.


Mat Attends: A Brief History of Marijuana and A Review of the Respiratory System Effects

This lecture by Mary Martinasek PhD RRT-NPS AE-C MPH, educated participants on marijuana and its effects on the respiratory system.


Ciera Attends: PRO/CON: Optimizing Lung Volume, Optimizes Outcome for Pediatric ARDS

Alexandre T Rotta MD and Ira Cheifetz MD FAARC went head-to-head in this debate focused on optimizing the care of the pediatric patient with ARDS.


Mat Attends: An Update on Current E-Cigarette and Hookah Smoking Research

This presentation by Mary Martinasek PhD RRT-NPS AE-C MPH focused on an update of the scholarly literature related to both hookah smoking and electronic cigarettes.


Eric Attends: Developing Future Respiratory Care Practitioners: Clinical Sites, Preceptor Staff, and Departments, Oh My!

This presentation by De De Gardner discussed how clinical sites for education programs are becoming a challenge for programs using the preceptor model.


Wendy Attends: Pediatric ARDS: Beyond Mechanical Ventilation

In this presentation, Alexandre T Rotta MD reviewed adjunct management approaches for pediatric ARDS with a focus on the relevant data from the medical literature.

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