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Improve the experience

Hi-VNI Technology is user-friendly for clinicians and comfortable for patients.

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A mask-free solution that’s tolerable for patients and a clinically proven alternative to gold standard NiPPV for treating undifferentiated respiratory distress. Learn more about how Hi-VNI Technology works »


Hi-VNI Technology helps
hypercapnic and hypoxic patients
avoid endotracheal intubation.


Hi-VNI Technology reduces
the risks and care complexities
associated with mask therapies.


Hi-VNI Technology is user-friendly
and safe to start at
maximum settings.

One versatile tool

Hi-VNI Technology is a fast and safe way to provide treatment for
undifferentiated respiratory distress with one single tool.


Hear Kory’s story

Provide relief for exacerbation patients in hypercapnic or hypoxic respiratory distress.

“In about an hour and ten minutes, [our patient] was able to turn around. We saw changes in his post-ABG.”

Kory Poulsen, RRT

Low-pressure way to offload the work of breathing and treat respiratory distress. Read a case study »

Mobilize secretions with optimally-humidified respiratory support.

Hear Aaron’s story

Mobilize secretions by delivering humidified gas to patients directly through a tracheostomy tube.

“[Our patient] did so well with [Vapotherm] that an hour later, after drawing blood gases, his arterial blood gases had normalized.”

Aaron Hollopeter, RRT

Provide mask-free respiratory support so patients can communicate with family and friends.

Clinical applications

Hear Brandi’s story

Manage the symptoms of undifferentiated respiratory distress in hypercapnic and hypoxic patients with one simple tool.

“[Our patient] came in huffin’, puffin’, holding on the sides of the bed, … so I put [Vapotherm] on … 20 minutes later she could talk in complete sentences.”

Brandi Keating, RRT

Hear Maureen’s story

Avoid re-intubation after surgery or weaning from mechanical ventilation.

“[My patient]’s work of breathing instantly decreased…We prevented her from getting re-intubated.”

Maureen Bomactao, RRT

Hear Kendall’s story

Get patients moving faster with mobile delivery of full respiratory support.

“We walked [our patient] with the Vapotherm unit…We didn’t get very far but…it was the beginning of something great.”

Kendall Williams, RRT

Facilitate weaning for long-term vent patients by mobilizing secretions through humidification. View a clinical outcome with Vapotherm »

Vapotherm hotswap

Freedom to move

Simplify transfers between care areas, and give patients the freedom to ambulate — so they get moving faster and farther. With the Vapotherm Transfer Unit, respiratory therapy is continuous.

  • Emergency Department (ED)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Cardiothoracic ICU
  • General Care
  • Long-Term Acute Care

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