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Complex Emergency Departments deserve

one versatile respiratory solution

Hi-VNI® Technology is a tool for the signs and symptoms of undifferentiated respiratory distress in the emergency department.


Improves oxygenation
and CO2 ventilation efficiency

Shown to be an alternative
to other forms of NIV
for treating undifferentiated respiratory distress

Optimally conditioned gas
promotes airway health
A tool for undifferentiated respiratory distress

Precision Flow Hi-VNI does not provide the total ventilatory requirements of patients

Treat a wide range of patients with Hi-VNI Technology

Manage many patients experiencing the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress who would normally be treated with non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) and basic high flow nasal cannula all using one advanced respiratory support tool.
How Hi-VNI Works

Improve patient flow with
greater options for disposition

Patients on Vapotherm Hi-VNI Technology can safely be managed on the floor or step-down unit. With greater options for disposition, you could improve patient flow through your emergency department resulting in:

  • Faster throughput
  • Shorter wait times
  • Less stress on you
Icons illustrating what patients are lacking with high flow nasal cannula

No Mask.
No Problem.

Patients intolerant to NIPPV (e.g. BiPAP®) may not receive adequate therapy and some NIPPV intolerant patients may require escalation to sedation and intubation. With Hi-VNI Technology, you can manage many of these patients with the comfort of a simple nasal cannula interface.
Read a case study of NIPPV intolerance

Deliver therapy in
3 user-friendly steps

  1. Spike the water bag
  2. Choose your therapy settings
  3. Place the cannula on the patient

Reduces Work of Breathing
& Accessory Muscle Use

Reduces Hypoxia
& Provides Oxygenation Support

Reduces Hypercapnia
& Provides Ventilatory Support
Vapotherm Transfer Unit

Transfer patients while
providing continuous therapy

Medical-grade battery can last up to 60 minutes

Smart manifold for quick transitions from tank to wall gases

Heavy duty roll stand for transferability

Ready to get started?

We’ll take care of all the details, deliver your equipment,
and personally assemble it.

Vapotherm Area Clinical Manager

Meet your local clinical manager.

A Respiratory Therapist with experience using Vapotherm technology will spend several days on site to assist with staff training and patient selection.
Get an on-site demonstration

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