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A Vapotherm Center of Excellence

Greater opportunities for patients
23% Improvement in days to wean
44% Improvement in decannulations

Fewer invasive procedures
43% Reduction in Bronchoscopies

Improved mobility
Although individual results may vary, Vapotherm believes Florida Hospital at Connerton’s story represents
a powerful example of the impact Vapotherm’s humidification can have in an LTACH setting.

Investing in technology to provide the very best care

Florida Hospital at Connerton is a 50-bed not-for-profit hospital that provides specialized care for patients with acute or chronic respiratory disorders.

The hospital began using Vapotherm in December 2015 and expanded their use of the technology the following year after comparing patient outcomes. It was designated a Vapotherm Center of Excellence in 2017.


Greater opportunities for patients to liberate from the vent

Approximately 25% of Florida Hospital at Connerton patients are on mechanical ventilation. A major outcome for these patients is successful liberation – or weaning – from mechanical ventilation.


% Trach Decannulations

2016     2017

Average Days to Wean

2016     2017

Fewer invasive and costly follow on procedures

Since implementing Vapotherm, Florida Hospital at Connerton has seen a 43% reduction in the number of therapeutic bronchoscopies performed.


Bronchoscopies Performed

2015     2016     2017

Improved mobility for patients

Mobility is an important part of patient rehabilitation at Florida Hospital at Connerton.

The multi-disciplinary team uses the Vapotherm Transfer Unit to maintain Vapotherm therapy while mobilizing their patients.


Treating patients effectively with Hi-VNI® Technology

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