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Introducing Hi-VNI® Technology.

An advancement in high flow nasal cannula (HFNC).

Backed by Randomized Controlled Trials
with efficacy similar to other forms of NIV.

Over 1 Million Patients Treated
and growing every day.

Trusted by More than 1,000 Hospitals
as a mode of respiratory support.

High flow nasal cannula (HFNC) is demonstrated to be a good tool for oxygenation.

The mechanisms of action in high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) work to provide oxygenation support for patients with hypoxia.

Warm, humidified gas may mobilize secretions to open congested airways and promote airway health.

Increases Mucous Clearance
Increases Airway Conductance

Decrease inspiratory resistance (work of breathing) and allow patients to breathe in more supplemental oxygen and humidified gas.

Decreases Work of Breathing
Increases Supplemental Oxygen

Reduces Dead Space
Reduces Rebreathing of Gas High in CO2

The high flow rate creates mild distending pressure as the patient exhales against the incoming flow.

Increases Mean Airway Pressure
Increases Gas Exchange

Hi-VNI Technology can deliver gas >3x the velocity of humidifiers adapted for HFNC.

It can be used as a first-line tool to treat the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress, including hypercapnia, hypoxia, and dyspnea.

Velocity (m·sec-1)
Volumetric Flow (L·min-1)

Hi-VNI Technology     Humidifier Adapted for HFNC

Higher velocity gas =

a more pronounced clinical effect.

Flush the upper airway 20-30% more effectively than vent humidifiers adapted for HFNC.

Higher velocity flow creates turbulent energy to more efficiently flush out dead space to prevent rebreathing of gas high in CO2. The gas velocity becomes particularly important when patients are tachypneic, and there is only a short window of time to flush the dead space.

See a Study on Washout Efficiency


How does Hi-VNI Technology work?

Place your thumb over a garden hose
and the water exits at a higher velocity.


Place your thumb over a garden hose and the water exits at a higher velocity.

Hi-VNI Technology delivers gas in a similar way using a smaller cannula and circuit design.

Large bore nasal cannula

Vent Humidifier Adapted for HFNC

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Icons illustrating what patients are lacking with high flow nasal cannula

Unparalleled comfort patients can’t get on CPAP or NIPPV.

The loose fitting, small bore prong of Vapotherm’s nasal cannula minimizes the material on the patient’s face.

While on therapy your patients can talk, eat, drink, and take medication.

Over 1,000 hospitals trust Vapotherm
as a mode of respiratory support.

*These stories detail the positive experience of several hospitals that utilize Vapotherm’s Hi-VNI Technology. Although individual results may vary, Vapotherm believes the stories are powerful testimonials in support of the use of Hi-VNI Technology in these facilities as a tool to treat the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress.

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Precision Flow Plus

Precision Flow plus gives clinicians one button to precisely control flow, oxygen, and humidification.

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Adult HFNC

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