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Small nasal cannula prongs for

the biggest clinical effect

  • Ensure minimal nare occlusion to promote gas egress
  • Optimize patient comfort
small bore nasal cannula

Vapotherm’s small bore cannula was designed with high velocity in mind

A smaller diameter cannula increases velocity to more efficiently flush CO2 at lower and more comfortable flows.
Learn Why Cannula Size Matters

A variety of sizes ensures
the perfect fit for your patients

8 cannula sizes are available to maximize patient comfort and therapy effectiveness.

Nasal cannula size guide

Available in asingle prong design

The SOLO cannula is a single prong cannula that can be used in neonates and infants. The single prong design ensures less than 50% nostril occlusion, and has been shown to be as effective as a dual prong cannula.

The single prong also allows for placement of a nasogastric tube or NG tube.

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