Clinical Study Describes High Velocity Nasal Insufflation as a Viable Alternative to NiPPV

EXETER, NH, 2018 – Vapotherm, Inc. today announced the publication of a key prospective, multi-center randomized controlled trial. The study demonstrates the non-inferiority of High Velocity Nasal Insufflation (HVNI) to traditional Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NiPPV) in the treatment of adult patients with undifferentiated respiratory distress presenting in the Emergency Department. The study included 204 patients and was conducted at five U.S. Emergency Departments.

The results were published by Doshi and colleagues in Annals of Emergency Medicine, under the title High-Velocity Nasal Insufflation in the Treatment of Respiratory Failure: A Randomized Clinical Trial. The trial found no difference in intubation rates or treatment failure rates between the HVNI and NiPPV arms. The authors conclude that High-Velocity Nasal Insufflation shows similar efficacy to NiPPV for addressing undifferentiated respiratory distress symptoms.

“This important and rigorous research confirms what Vapotherm customers tell us everyday. Hi-VNI® Technology has become an important tool for treating patients in undifferentiated respiratory distress,” said Joe Army, CEO of Vapotherm. “Our customers like having one simple tool to treat hypercapnia, hypoxia and dyspnea. They also appreciate the convenience of a tool safe enough to be started high for maximum results, and then de-escalated as symptoms subside.”

Vapotherm’s High Velocity Nasal Insufflation system delivers heated and humidified medical gas through a comfortable nasal interface. Vapotherm is currently the only company offering an HVNI product that has been demonstrated as non-inferior to NiPPV in the treatment of patients with undifferentiated respiratory distress, and has seen rapidly growing adoption in Emergency Departments across the U.S.

Vapotherm, Inc. is a privately held developer and manufacturer of advanced respiratory care technology based in Exeter, New Hampshire. The company develops innovative, comfortable, noninvasive technologies for respiratory support of patients with chronic or acute breathing disorders. Over 1,500,000 patients have been treated with Vapotherm’s Hi-VNI® Technology. For more information, visit

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