Florida Hospital at Connerton Named Vapotherm Center of Excellence

The hospital earned Vapotherm’s highest honor as a Center of Excellence.

LAND O’ LAKES, FL, July 28, 2017 – Florida Hospital at Connerton has received the Vapotherm Center of Excellence designation for their use of Vapotherm’s technology in their ventilator and tracheostomy weaning practices. This designation is the highest recognition a facility can receive from Vapotherm, and signifies that the facility uses Vapotherm technology as the primary tool for providing humidification to tracheostomy patients. Florida Hospital at Connerton is the third facility to be chosen for this significant distinction.

Florida Hospital at Connerton began using Vapotherm in 2016 as standard of care to provide humidification to their tracheostomy patients. Tracheostomy patients are typically unable to humidify their airway on their own which often results in thick and retained secretions in the lower airway. Vapotherm’s heated humidification improves mucocilliary function and mobilization of secretions, helping the patient breathe more easily and accelerating the ventilator and tracheostomy weaning process.

“We are honored to receive the Vapotherm Center of Excellence designation. This recognition solidifies our commitment to providing the highest quality of care for our patients. We are pleased to be able to offer this state-of-the-art technology at our hospital,” said Debi Martoccio, Chief Operating Officer at Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care.

Since the implementation of Vapotherm, Florida Hospital at Connerton has seen a 23 percent decrease in their days to wean from the ventilator and a 44 percent improvement in removal of artificial airways (tracheostomies). In addition, the facility has seen a 43 percent reduction in the number of therapeutic bronchoscopies performed. Although individual results may vary, Vapotherm believes Florida Hospital at Connerton’s experience is an example of the positive impact Vapotherm can have in an LTACH setting.

“Florida Hospital at Connerton is a true testament to what our Center of Excellence program is about. They are true leaders among the long-term acute care community, and we very are excited to have them in our program,” stated Joe Army, President and CEO of Vapotherm.

About Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care Hospital
Florida Hospital at Connerton Long Term Acute Care Hospital was built in 2008 and opened its doors in 2009. The primary objective of this specialty hospital is to provide care to medically complex patients. By extending a patient’s hospital stay, our goal is to allow the patients a longer time to heal in a hospital setting. We are a 50-bed all private room facility providing services to patients and their families from a regional area encompassing a 50-mile radius from central Pasco County. We admit patients from a five county area and from approximately 25+ acute care hospitals. Our emphasis is on caring for the patient as a whole; mind, body and spirit. We aim to care for the family as part of the healing dynamic. Our facility became part of Adventist Health System in 2010. As part of a spiritual healthcare system, we have been able to advance our endeavor to minister to our patient population. Part of our daily routine includes prayer group and chaplain visits. A tranquil meditation room and a private home-like family room are provided for our patients and staff. The need for a long term acute care facility has been realized for this region. In 2015, we attained and maintained a 98% occupancy. As a result of this, we are exploring expanding our bed capacity. We are committed to our patients and families. We have seen great patient success stories as a result of our care. We will continue to work through our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ to continue to provide excellent service and outcomes for our patients.

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