Vapotherm Announces CE Mark Approval for Precision Flow Heliox System

August 24, 2011, Stevensville, Maryland – Vapotherm, announced today receiving CE marking for Precision Flow® Heliox, a high flow humidification system designed specifically for use with blended helium oxygen gas mixtures (Heliox). The product is part of Vapotherm’s High Flow Specialty Gas Program for optimal conditioning of breathing gases. Due to helium’s lower density as compared to nitrogen, the primary gas in room air, breathing with heliox results in less airway resistance, which therefore reduces the physical effort required to breathe. Heliox is used in a variety of respiratory applications such as upper airway obstruction, asthma, croup and COPD. “We are pleased to announce CE marking for the new Precision Flow® Heliox system, the first high flow device developed specifically for use with this specialty gas,” said Bill Niland, Chief Business Development Officer at Vapotherm. “The device provides clinicians with a rapid, easy to use approach to administer heliox via nasal cannula, without the risks of more invasive methods like mechanical ventilation and pressure based therapies.”

Vapotherm’s High Flow Specialty Gas Program was created to expand High Flow Therapy (HFT®) beyond air and oxygen to other medical and specialty gases. The Company’s flagship platform device, the Precision Flow, was developed with a modular design concept to allow for several specialty applications in neonatal, pediatric and adult patient populations. In all applications, the device optimizes the delivery of gases via precise blending, flow control, humidification and temperature management. As with all Vapotherm HFT® products, the overall goal is non-invasive respiratory support via simple nasal cannula in a device that is easy for clinicians to operate but comprehensive in terms of safety and performance features.

Vapotherm, Inc. is a privately held manufacturer of respiratory care devices for hospitals and home care use based in Stevensville, Maryland. The Company is dedicated to the development of innovative, noninvasive technologies for respiratory therapy, especially for the treatment of chronic lung and acute breathing disorders. For more information, visit

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