Vapotherm® Transfer Unit Helps Patients Move Easier

EXETER, NH March 20, 2018 – Vapotherm, Inc. today announced the launch of its next-generation Vapotherm Transfer Unit (VTU). The VTU 2.0 is designed for use during patient transfer and/or ambulation.  It utilizes Hi-VNI® Technology as a tool to treat the signs and symptoms of undifferentiated respiratory distress in patients being transferred within the hospital and therefore streamlines clinician workflow.

The VTU 2.0 combines the Precision Flow® Plus device, with a lightweight mobile power supply. This enables clinicians to transfer patients within the hospital environment while providing continuous respiratory support. To optimize workflow, the device includes a smart manifold that enables a seamless automatic switching between air and oxygen tanks and wall gas. The compact size and lightweight battery simplifies transfers between care areas and makes patient ambulation easy.

“The new VTU 2.0 will create greater efficiencies for clinicians and help avoid therapy disruption for patients,” said Joe Army, President and CEO. “We are excited to see the positive impact this will have for hospitals using Vapotherm in the Emergency Department and any other place in the hospital where patients need to be transferred or ambulated.”

Hi-VNI Technology is a unique tool for the treatment of signs and symptoms of undifferentiated respiratory distress. A recent randomized controlled trial published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine demonstrates that Hi-VNI Technology helps patients presenting in the ED avoid intubation. Only the Precision Flow device is capable of delivering Hi-VNI Technology.

The VTU 2.0 is recommended for use in Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, General Care Floors, Labor and Delivery, and any place patients need to move on full respiratory support.

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About Vapotherm, Inc.

Vapotherm, Inc. is a privately held developer and manufacturer of advanced respiratory care technology based in Exeter, New Hampshire. The company develops innovative, comfortable, noninvasive technologies for respiratory support of patients with chronic or acute breathing disorders. Over one million patients have been treated with Vapotherm Hi-VNI Technology. For more information, visit

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