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Heliox HFNC

Non-invasive Heliox delivery with Hi-VNI®

  • Relieve the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress
  • Decrease work of breathing
  • Precisely deliver Heliox according to your prescription

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Designed for easy application of Heliox gas in emergency & intensive care settings


Precision Heliox therapy control

Re-calculating to determine delivery flow rates can be messy and confusing. With Vapotherm’s integrated digital display, you’ll always know the exact therapy you’re delivering.

Heliox Delivery Non Invasive HFNC

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

Flow Range: 1-40 L/min
Heliox Input: 80/20 (79% Helium / 21% Oxygen)
Oxygen Concentration: 21% – 100% (adjustable in 1% increments)

Precision Flow® Heliox Components

Precision Flow Heliox unit
Power Cord
Oxygen Sensor
Heliox & Oxygen Inlet Connectors
Heliox & Oxygen Hoses (United States Only)

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