Primary Support for Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS)2019-06-24T05:23:52-04:00

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Vapotherm is the only system shown to be as clinically effective as CPAP/Bi-Level and NIPPV in preventing intubations in preterm infants with RDS.
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Preventing Intubation
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Demonstrated safety in large randomized controlled trials

All neonatal randomized controlled trials using Vapotherm showed no increased rate of pneumothoraces when compared to nCPAP, Bi-Level, and NIPPV. The pressure generated is safe when the cannula is sized appropriately to occlude less than 50% of the nares.

Parents will see their baby smile

Hi-VNI® Technology provides effective non-invasive respiratory support. The technology augments breathing to improve alveolar ventilation by:

  • Dead space washout of CO2 during exhalation
  • Precise FiO2 delivery during inhalation

These groundbreaking therapy advancements make it possible to support babies without masks or tight-fitting prongs. You’ll see the smiles, too.
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Reduce Nasal Trauma

Vapotherm is user-friendly, so you can focus on helping babies thrive

Switching between CPAP masks and prongs to mitigate skin breakdown? Protect your babies’ skin with the comfortable Vapotherm cannulas.
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