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Gaylord Hospital is a 137 bed Long Term Care Hospital (LTCH) located in Wallingford, CT. Founded as a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1902, Gaylord has become one of the premier New England long-term care facilities for the treatment and rehabilitation of medically complex patients. The information, data, and testimonials presented on this page derive from the experience of Gaylord.

In 2014, Vapotherm designated Gaylord Hospital as its first Center of Excellence. Gaylord is a pioneer in the use of heated humidification to improve patient outcomes.

Although individual results may vary, Vapotherm believes Florida Hospital at Connerton’s story represents a powerful example of the impact Vapotherm’s humidification can have in an LTACH setting.

Returning Patients to Highest Level of Function

Gaylord immediately saw thinner patient secretions, eliminating all tracheostomy tube plugging. They also began to experience improved patient outcomes. The improved patient outcomes corresponded with improved hospital efficiencies and financial results, including exceeding the organization’s financial goals. The stats to the right are outcomes that were illustrated in a poster from the 2017 National Association of Long Term Hospitals Annual Meeting. Click here to download a copy of the poster.

Challenging the Status Quo

At the end of 2012, unsatisfied with cool mist's ability to mobilize secretions, Gaylord turned to the Vapotherm Precision Flow. The Precision Flow delivers gas at body temperature and humidity, which is important since the body's natural humidifier, the nose, is bypassed with tracheostomy patients.

Listen to the Gaylord staff talk about how they implemented Vapotherm.

Treatment Goals

Gaylord treats each patient individually, but with the main goal to return them to their highest level of function.

Hear first hand how they accomplish this goal.

Developing Specific Protocols

To ensure that Vapotherm was used as standard of care, Gaylord developed protocols for Ventilator Weaning and Decannulation that specifies how to use Vapotherm during each of these processes.

Gaylord presented their Decannulation Protocol at the 2014 American Thoracic Society Conference.

To request a copy of Gaylord's protocols, click here.

Other Applications

In addition to ventilator weaning and decannulation, Gaylord uses Vapotherm as part of their mobilization protocol, for pulmonary rehabilitation and Hi-VNI respiratory support.

Early Mobilization

Gaylord creates a mobility plan for each of their patients. Part of this protocol includes using the Vapotherm Transfer Unit.

Nasal Cannula Support

Gaylord also uses Vapotherm for their high flow nasal cannula needs to treat the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress in patients who are intolerant to bi-level or under palliative/hospice care.

Precision Flow® System

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