Mask-free NIVTM

A breakthrough at the
frontlines of respiratory care.
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A Frontline Solution for
COVID-19 Patient Care

Learn how Vapotherm high velocity therapy
is used at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Clinically proven alternative 
to gold standard NIPPV

Trusted by over 1,600 hospitals. Used by over 2.2 million patients.
Hi-VNI Technology helps you rescue patients experiencing respiratory distress without
additional risk of intubation and mechanical ventilation.
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Baby on Vapotherm
Pediatric patient on Vapotherm
Adult patient taking medication on Vapotherm

Treat undifferentiated respiratory distress with one user-friendly tool

Hi-VNI Technology is a fast and safe approach for patient populations from premature neonates to hypercapnic COPD patients. Learn about our Care Areas.









The story behind the
breakthrough technology

A mask-free treatment proven effective for high-acuity cases, Hi-VNI Technology
clears dead space fast and takes the work out of breathing.
How HI-VNI Works

More freedom to focus
on your patients

Cardiopulmonary Supervisor

We initially decided to start using the Vapotherm in our Emergency
Department because we were educated on the fact that not all patients who are having a COPD exacerbation necessarily need non-invasive positive pressure ventilation. Now, we use the Vapotherm instead to rescue these patients much more comfortably and less invasively."

Shirley Gresham, RRT, RCP
Cardiopulmonary Supervisor
Norman Regional Health System

Improve patient experience
and reduce cost of care

Hi-VNI Technology helps avoid escalation to more invasive and costly treatment.

Emergency Department

Norman Regional Hospital

Using Hi-VNI Technology by Vapotherm for NIPPV intolerant patients in the Emergency Department

Emergency Department

Gaylord Hospital

Moving patients in Long Term Acute Care from the vent to the highest level of function

Emergency Department

Level II NICU Case Study

Reducing transports and letting parents and babies stay together in their community

busy emergency hallway

We share your passion
for helping patients
breathe better

Our Clinical Success Managers have deep respiratory expertise and will support you every step of the way.
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