How to: Vapotherm Neonatal Cannula Affixation

  • baby doll used to demonstrate cannula placement
Baby patient in supine position

1. Clean patient’s face

With the patient in supine position, make sure his/her face is clean.

Cutting a DuoDERM Spot
DuoDERM Spot cut in half

2. Cut 1 DuoDERM Spot in half

Use DuoDERM CGF Extra Thin Dressings (1-3/4″ x 1-1/2″).

Baby doll with DuoDERM Spot

3. Place half of duoDERM Spot
on each cheek

Peel off the backing of each duoDERM Spot and place them halfway between the patient’s ear and corner of their lip.

4. Place one Tender Grip over each DuoDERM Spot

Remove Tender Grips from their package and place them over each Spot with the white tab facing the top of the patient’s head. Pull down each tab.

5. Place appropriate size cannula in patient’s nares with tubing on adhesive

Pull down the tabs from the Tender Grips and place the cannula tubing across the exposed adhesive. Replace the clear covering over the cannula tubing.

Paper ruler measuring piece of tape
Baby doll with nasal cannula

6. Place two pieces of tape (2 cm long) over cannula tubing on DuoDerm Spot

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