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Advanced breathing gas generation & delivery system

Precise heat and humidification optimize therapy effectiveness and patient comfort.

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Start with Medical Grade VaporTM

Vapotherm humidification is generated by passing blended gas through small straws with 0.005 micron pore size. Other humidification systems generate large-particulate water that is vulnerable to rainout and creates risk of water aspiration.11. TERO, R., CECICH, J., SANABRIA, O., SUN, S., BATISTA, J., STOUT, S., ZATT, D., SPOULA, R., GUSTAFSON, J., LEE, S., MILLER, T.. Risks Associated With Conventional Humidifiers Adapted for High-Flow Nasal Cannula Therapy in Human Infants:Read Full Text
Heated Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula

Warm Water     Breathing Gas

Protect the gas during delivery to the patient

Our patented warm water jacket delivery tube insulates the gas during delivery to eliminate the possibility of condensation, so your patients receive optimally conditioned gas.

Available in 2 flow ranges

Infant HFNC

Neonatal / Infant

Flow Rate: 1-8 L/min

Pediatric / Adult

Flow Rate: 5-40 L/min

Cleared for 30-day continuous single patient use

Forget the hassle and costs of changing circuits every 7-14 days.

Best High Flow Nasal Cannula

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