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Norman Regional Health System streamlines clinician workflow with Vapotherm® Units

Vapotherm’s Hi-VNI® Technology can be used to treat respiratory distress. Although individual results may vary, Vapotherm believes Norman Regional Health System’s story represents the impact Vapotherm’s Hi-VNI® Technology can have in a hospital setting.

Top 5 busiest Emergency Departments in Oklahoma

Norman Regional Health System is located just outside Oklahoma City and sees over 70,000 patients annually in its 44-bed ED. Patients in respiratory distress, such as those with COPD, Pneumonia, and general Dyspnea, are routine in that population.

NIPPV was often the front-line choice. However, for many of these patients, the mask-based therapy was uncomfortable. This led to patient non-compliance and increased staff workload.


Supporting clinicians with ease of use


Precision operation is required in a busy Emergency Department. The clinicians at Norman Regional found that the Precision Flow® system meets that requirement.

Patients’ respiratory needs are quickly met with the system’s ability to easily titrate to desired settings. The large, bright, digital display helps clinicians easily monitor patient care.

Improving ED throughput with seamless patient transfer


The Norman Regional team employs the Vapotherm Transfer Unit to easily and safely move patients out of the Emergency Department without compromising their respiratory support.


Vapotherm Transfer Unit (VTU) assures continuity of care and admission options

Norman Regional uses the VTU to allow patients to remain on the therapy throughout the hospital. The technology also provides them options outside the ICU to disposition admitted patients. The VTU has a battery life of 60 minutes. The duration of gas sources depends both on the patients L/min and FiO2 needs.


Transfer patients in 5 user-friendly steps


Check tanks

Check that the E-cylinder tanks are full


Unplug hoses

Unplug the air & O2 hoses from the wall connection and the power cord from the outlet


Dial in settings

Dial in patient settings on the stationary unit


Stop flow

Stop the flow in the transfer unit & place its disposable in the stationary unit


Start flow

Press the run button on the stationary unit

Get the freedom to move

Vapotherm’s Transfer Unit helps patients get on the move. Learn more about the Vapotherm Transfer Unit.
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