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Freedom to move

Vapotherm’s Transfer Unit helps patients get on the move.
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Adult HFNC

Deliver nonstop
Hi-VNI® Technology

Continue therapy throughout the transfer maintaining flow, FiO2, and humidification.

Seamless work flow integration

Smart manifold makes switching from wall to tank sources a breeze. Combined with hot-swap capability between stationary and mobile units, and patients are ready to transfer in minutes.

Vapotherm Transfer Unit battery

Power that lasts

Medical grade mobile power supply lasts up to 60 minutes to provide clinicians with the time they need to transfer patients out of the emergency room, from labor and delivery, or participation in rehabilitation activities.

A complete solution

Vapotherm’s Transfer Unit is a complete solution. Ordered directly from Vapotherm all components are conveniently bundled and shipped together. No other pieces necessary. Plus, you get support from Vapotherm’s Clinical and Technical teams 24/7.

Vapotherm Transfer Unit

Product Specifications

Tech Specs

Enables full range of Precision Flow® capabilities
Battery Life: 1 hour. Time spent recharging is equal to time spent discharging
Sample Run Times:

Transfer HFNC

Vapotherm Transfer Unit Components

Vapotherm Roll stand
Gas Manifold
E-Tank holster
Mobile Power Supply
Air E-Cylinder Regulator
Air & Oxygen Hoses (3 each)

Note: Precision Flow Unit not included
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