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Aerosol Delivery with
Hi-VNI® Technology

Aerosol Disposable Patient Circuit

Streamlined delivery of aerosol medication with high velocity nasal insufflation.

  • Deliver aerosol medication without disrupting therapy
  • Minimal clinician condensate management
  • Circuit ready to go right out of the bag
  • Compatible for both continuous and intermittent nebulization

Safe and Effective

With the Aerosol Disposable Patient Circuit (ADPC), clinicians have the option of delivering aerosol medication concurrently with Hi-VNI® Technology, either continuously or intermittently, without the need for a mask or pausing therapy.

•  Designed specifically for use with Aerogen Solo
•  Designed for patient comfort with an integrated mixing chamber
•  May be better tolerated than an aerosol mouthpiece or mask1
•  Aerosol medication delivery for pediatric obligate nose breathers

•  Pre-Assembled for clinician convenience

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Not available in all markets.
1. DiBlasi RM. Clinical Controversies in Aerosol Therapy for Infants and Children. Respiratory Care 2015;60(6):894-914; discussion 914-896. – Data available upon request.

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