Aerosol Disposal Patient Circuit

Aerosol Disposal Patient Circuit 

The Aerosol Disposal Patient Circuit facilitates continuous or intermittent delivery of aerosolized solutions without disrupting therapy. 

It comes pre-assembled for immediate use and only requires once a day condensate management by the clinician. 

aerosolized solution delivery graph

Aerosolized Solution Delivery

New and improved design of the HVT 2.0 ADPC results in a greater than 3X improvement in aerosolized solution delivery when compared to the previous generation product.* 

*Percentage of aerosol solution emitted from nasal cannula.  Based on internal bench testing  performed  with PF ADPC, AAA-1, and HVT-ADPC at 20 L/min . 

AAA-2 Cannula


The AAA-2 is for intermittent delivery of aerosolized solutions.  A new adapter design provides reduced condensate and better aerosol delivery when compared to the prior version. 

Order Number Product Description 
AAA-2 Aerogen Aerosol Adapter (package of 10) 
HVT-ADPC Aerosol Disposable Patient Circuit (package of 3) 

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